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SmartPic is a mobile advertising service, delivered to consumers via smart phones. It is a vehicle for brands to promote themselves on a daily basis and build loyalty with their customers whilst utilising the latest cutting edge technology. SmartPic coupled with our POS solutions is a powerful tool in engaging and interacting with consumers instore.

Recent statistics on the future of Mobile Phone online sales indicated that these sales would pass computer online sales. This prediction has been upgraded to now indicate that Mobile Phone online sales will double computer online sales. This is a powerful prediction and one that will help SmartPic to grow rapidly as Mobile Phone usage increases.

Unlike other scanning technology such as QR codes or Microsoft TAGs, SmartPic incorporates the technology into any image, logo or brand negating the need to have a separate code or tag. When customers scan a brand or image on their smartphones using the SmartPic app, it can take them to the client’s mobile site, show a video, download an application, enter a competition, send an email enquiry, show a location or directions using Google maps and prompt a purchase by visiting yours or a third parties shopping cart.

Websites and very few customers ever visit these sites, let alone use them on a daily basis or interact with them to find specials or promotions. To date, companies have spent many thousands of pounds on designing, building and maintaining.

At SmartPic, the message is loud and clear; 'Fast changes and the ability to have your company's latest information, specials, promotions and ability to purchase in the pocket of your clients 24 hours a day 7 days a week (24/7)!'

Please email info@smartpic.co.uk or call 01482 337120 for more information for more information.

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